Friday, November 25, 2016


 – Fishing is good.  Water temperatures are dropping and fishing is picking up for large rainbow trout and tiger trout. Try fishing with midges, minnow patterns, or pistol petes.  Tiger trout catch rates are increasing. A recent survey found many colorful rainbow trout in the 18-20 in range and tiger trout in the 11-14 inch range. Tiger trout are also coloring up and being caught more. Remember they are more aggressive and seem to like to chase their food, so try streamers, or maybe even dry flies. Also, try fishing for them in rocky substrate. Becker Lake is open to catch-and-release only for trout, artificial fly and lure only; single barbless hooks only. No bait.  No trout may be kept.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Try a plastic worm

You can try a 3/4 ounce spoon , but heavier spoons can be used to help you stay on top of deep fish in wind or current also spinners are good to use.They are extremely good baits for deep smallmouth.You should fish submerged islands or humps and shoals, try tipping them with a live worm or night crawler. You need to vary your retrieve cast and let the bait fall on a tight line, then bounce the spoon off the bottom and let fall again.
You should watch your depth finder for rock ledges that drop off quickly from about six to twelve feet. Look for fish along rocky structures with and without light weed lines. You can use a live worm and light sinker. Cast the bait and let it bounce along the top of shoals.  You are likely to catch several bass in the same locations especially near rocks and drop offs to deeper water. You should fish along and over the top of weed beds. You can try jigs tip with a worm or minnow. Try a plastic worm it is a good strategy because even the most slow moving bass will respond.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Ohio River

The fish are still biting and anglers are catching bass and walleye out of the Ohio River on both soft plastic swim baits and minnows. Channel catfish and common carp are being caught on dough baits in the evening for shoreline fishermen. October produced many nice flathead and a few good channel catfish from the Ohio River. The warm weather has kept the water temps above 50 degrees and extended some good catfishing into November.
Anglers are catching the trout stocked last month in Raccoon Creek Lake. The area producing the most action is from the dam up to the cove before the boat launch. Paste baits are working well, as are maggots and redworms.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Bluewater Lake

 Fishing was fair to good using PowerBait, homemade dough bait, salmon egg corn combinations, worms and Pistol Petes for trout. A few tiger muskie were caught by anglers using big streamers and swim baits. George Garcia, Jr. reported slow to fair fishing here Sunday. He and his two young boys were targeting trout from the bank and managed to catch seven rainbows and lose one to a tiger muskie. They were using PowerBait.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Potholes Reservoir

The surface water temperature has dropped to the low 50 degree range. Potholes Reservoir water level is at 1036.35. The lowest level measured in 2016 was 1029.90.
With the new high water and cooler water temperatures many bass anglers catch their largest bass of the year this time of year.
Bass fishermen have reported largemouth bass being caught in the sand dunes from 6 pounds, 8 ounces.Walleye are responding to Blade Baits and jigs tipped with a grub and a night crawler. Plus some walleye are still being caught on a bottom walker with a slow death hook. Early morning and evening are your best times to go out and try for a few walleye.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Little Bay De Noc

Walleye anglers reported fair catches from the Second Reef to the Center Reef when trolling stick baits in 18 to 25 feet. The best catches were taken at night. The Kipling Flats reported a few day catches when trolling the same in and around 30 feet. Perch anglers reported fair catches in and around the Day's River with minnows in 10 to 18 feet. Northern pike remain active throughout the Bay and were caught by those trolling crank baits in 20 feet or less.